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What makes for a good Talk Time?

Song is a Korean E-learning specialist who is passionate about bringing quality education to all Korean students, regardless of family financial resources, through E-learning. She has this to say about what makes for a good Talk Time.

“1. Sweet staff and volunteers who try to understand us. 2. Open-minded friends who came from various countries […]

Workforce Focus

My boss showed me the tag line on an email from a major name in ESL education in Washington state: Better skills. Better jobs. Building a better Washington.

The focus on ESL for job skills has been around for awhile, but it’s definitely gathering momentum in the funding world for non-profit literacy development agencies under […]

Topic audience

In my early Talk Time days, I wrote very simple materials – a few sentences or paragraph about something that happened to me or someone I knew, followed by a handful of questions tied to a common word or theme. There were no instructions to either facilitator or participants.

Since 2008, I’ve been writing […]

TalkTime is easy??

A new volunteer joined me at Talk Time. We had never met before, only talked on the phone. Beforehand, I tried to describe what kind of ESL teaching she would be doing,

“You’ll be facilitating student conversation, listening and asking questions.” “Oh! It sounds like a Talk Time.” “It IS a Talk Time.” “Oh, that’s […]