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Talkwritelive – check it out!

My colleague, Kelli Graham, has a cool new Talk Time blog. She’s managing several Talk Times and also ESL Labs where you can do a “write time” as well as a “talk time”. Kelli is a fountain of good ideas and careful, wise practice.

Don’t miss out – check it out at http://talkwritelive.wordpress.com!

Get Out Of Your Chair

Yesterday we got to talking about the difference between U.S. cultures of the east and the west. My co-facilitator was from the east coast, and originally from Europe. One Korean student talked about loving the east coast – how people are more friendly and it’s easier to get to know people. Westerners seem more introverted. […]

What makes for a good Talk Time?

Song is a Korean E-learning specialist who is passionate about bringing quality education to all Korean students, regardless of family financial resources, through E-learning. She has this to say about what makes for a good Talk Time.

“1. Sweet staff and volunteers who try to understand us. 2. Open-minded friends who came from various countries […]

The miracle of pair work

The Talk Time facilitators I know are fascinating, well-read, well-traveled and highly educated characters. They’re brimming with personality and drama. They can take an obscure word and act it out, make it sing or walk it like a dog. They’re full of thrilling and hilarious stories.

All of this makes it extremely hard […]