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Get Out Of Your Chair

Yesterday we got to talking about the difference between U.S. cultures of the east and the west.  My co-facilitator was from the east coast, and originally from Europe.  One Korean student talked about loving the east coast – how people are more friendly and it’s easier to get to know people.  Westerners seem more introverted.  We also commented that easterners are more formal and classy; westerners are more informal and casual.  I glanced at my co-facilitator and observed her gold jewelry, bright blouse and designer jeans.  I was wearing my usual uniform of black pants and a light-weight fleece.  I suddenly jumped up and made my co-facilitator stand up next to me and said, “See, here’s east and west!”   The students cracked-up and agreed that they could see the difference.  (It was stark.)  :)  After that, the students were a little more boisterous and jolly.  Get out of your chair!

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