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Carnivore Women

My friend from Japan taught me some new words:

Carnivore Woman – an assertive woman.  The term is often applied to single career women over 30.
Herbivore Man – a quiet, introverted, sometimes geeky intellectual man
Nomenication – communication through drinking parties, often applied to obligatory post-work parties with fellow employees and supervisors

This last word is a combination of the Japanese word for “drink” and the English word “communication”.  Cool, eh?  The Japanese movie “Ikiru” is an amazing story about the meaning of life, and shows Japanese society in the 1950s.  One scene of a funeral shows nomenication in action –  as the drinking progresses, the party line drops away and honest feelings are expressed.

As to carnivore women, from my friend’s perspective, it’s hard for them to find spouses in Japan.  They don’t fit the traditional role of women and wives in Japan.  Although the younger generation is moving outward from the traditional roles, the betweeners, the carnivore women, can’t find their niche in the same way as the 20-somethings nor give-up their essential core selves to fit into a traditional mold in order to have a life partner.  Perhaps they will find a man who respects and enjoys them as they are, but it’s even rarer to find a Japanese man who will accept a career woman as wife.

In your Talk Time – explore the matter of men and women in roles that change with time.  Where do your students fit the cultural norms and where do they find themselves out of step?  What do they hope or plan to do about it?

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